Soft Pecs

I like male breasts. I like some development on cute twinks as well as strong men with big soft pecs. I have rather large breasts for my weight.  I feel blessed that I can admire my own. I think they developed from doing lots of pushups, drinking soy milk etc.

Surgical reduction is a waste of good breast fun bags and I strongly urge any person who is thinking about breast reduction surgery to learn to love them as much as you love your other erogenous zones.

This blog is about guys with soft pecs and nice nipples. Few hard muscle pecs, few fat guys with moobs, just generally HWP guys with some pecs you can grab a hold of.  Just for fun some boys dressed up as girls with natural looking enlarged breast buds(sissy titties). Surgically enhanced breasts only if the MTF looks like a guy (is not made up… haven’t seen a pic of one of these yet…?). Soft pecs, the kind you hold and knead as you suck on the sensitive nipples. Breasts that will move a little, hang some, you can get some of in your mouth. It could be a twinkish bottom boy; a transsexual body with a guy’s face. It could be a strong demanding top. It could be an FTM who still has breasts. Morphs are ok as long as they are “realistic”, as in hwp.

This may not be your fetish but you could think about it: The front of the body has the most stuff to play with and it’s right there in a number of positions, so throw breasts for guys in the mix.

If you can think of a cock as a pussy, and the sensitive spot I have on the bottom of my cock as a clit, then men lose out unless they develop some boobage for their partner (or themselves) to play with. 

If you’re on your back with a guy inside you, wouldn’t it be nice to feel two nipples on the end of a couple of nice breasts dangling down and brushing against yours? Why not have some funbags to play with? How about if he could reach both his hands down to hold your enlarged breasts in his hands?

Also, if you’re behind inside a guy and reaching around, why not be able to feel some nice boobage as well? or feel your own nipples on the end of a pair of your own breasts swaying back and forth dragging your nipples back and forth across his back or ass?

A body to play with or to live in whether male of female should have an innie and an outie and breasts and as many erogenous zones as you can mentally develop.

I wish I could not only have nice breasts swaying in the wind yearning to be held, I would like every woman in the world to be able to have an outie that she can get pleasure from using as a tool for pleasuring others.